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CEO SEARCH PARTNERS is actively placing top executive leadership within
companies seeking to develop and grow their companies in Agriculture and Vertical Farming.

Growing populations and lack of local farm options, especially in densely packed populations,
and communities in arid regions and frozen climates mean we need more food from less land, so
vertical farming could be the solution to feeding present and future generations right in their own
backyard. Vertical farms can be built in dense urban areas as well as in the middle of desert
communities or in communities who live in the frozen tundra most of the year. If and when we
colonize another planet it is likely that vertical farms will be the main supplier of our future food

Vertical farms come in different shapes and sizes, but all are in an in-door controlled climate and
plants can grow hydroponically, aeroponically, or even aquaponically. They typically consist of
plants being stacked over each other vertically, thus vertical farming
Since you are growing indoors and the crop in unaffected by weather, there is no longer any
seasonality to farming. The climate is controlled, and the crop can be counted on by the growers.
They use no pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides so it is a safer product that is better-for-you.
Higher food safety standards include lower risk of e-coli. Vertical farming is sustainable and thus
better for the planet.

CEO Search Partners, is the industry expert, with the deepest industry relationships with CEO’s,
Boards of Directors and the C-Suite in Agriculture and the growing Vertical Farming Industry.

Unlike any other search firms, we participate in educational seminars, attend specific
industry conferences. We belong to 34 industry associations and are actively recruiting in the
better-for-you space.

CEO Search Partners has the leading top-to-top networking events with the industry
leaders at national conferences. We are qualified to bring you the industries most talented
executive leadership for your agriculture-based business. No other search firm has better
connections and relationships. We are continuously being hired to build top teams who can
win in this highly competitive space.

If you are building out an Agricuture-based or Vertical Farming organization let us show you our
strategy for bringing you the top executive leaders in these hot areas.

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