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B2B & Trade Associations

Business to Business

CEO Search Partners’ Business to Business Specialty Practice has more than twenty years of experience in finding cutting-edge candidates in unique places. We seek sophisticated candidates who have a true technical understanding of your business. We have experience in working for a wide range of industrial companies, including, but not limited to food equipment, contract manufacturing, packaging, software, food testing and safety.

Trade Associations

CEO Search Partners’ Trade Association Specialty Practice has proven success in recruiting for the largest global trade associations. We have transformed traditional organizations by bringing in innovative and fresh talent. Association members increasingly rely on their trade associations to become the leading provider of business solutions, products and services. Because of this, associations need more top talent than ever before. These individuals need to be able to develop and drive newly innovated products and solutions that will create value for their members.

As active members of over thirty-four food and beverage-related associations, we know first-hand that these organizations are the core of the industry. We are not only actively involved in these associations, but we can also proudly say that we have helped build many of their leadership teams.

CEO Search Partners is uniquely positioned to leverage our industry relationships to recruit proven winners from the industry. We are industry experts and will find your next CEO or senior-level marketing, sponsorship or sales leader from industries such as sports, entertainment, licensing, retail, software, technology, consumer packaged goods or traditional associations. We are utilized by the top associations and have been a trusted source for finding unmatched talent for over twenty years.

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