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Large Public & Fortune 500

For the past twenty years, our bread and butter client has been large public and Fortune 500 food related companies. CEO Search Partners has worked with over thirty Fortune 500 companies and has completed over 1,000 retained searches for them. We work for the top consumer packaged goods companies and bring them outstanding industry talent to elevate and transform their businesses.

CEO Search Partners’ background is extensive in the direct recruitment of the highest quality talent within this channel. The experience we have gained is critical when navigating the many tiers and demands of large multi-national corporations. We have developed many deep relationships along the way, leading us to become industry experts. We understand your need for both quality and speed and aim to present your candidate hire within the first thirty days of your search.

To see a listing of large public & Fortune 500 companies we have worked for in the past please refer to our past experience includes page.

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