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Foodservice Operator & Large Restaurant Chain

CEO Search Partners specializes in recruiting the best-in-class proven executive talent in the foodservice and large restaurant chain industries. We are retained to fill high-level roles including CEO’s, COO’s, Presidents, Vice Presidents and other top operational and functional leadership roles for companies.

While the other large firms are actively recruiting retreads for these roles, we conduct fresh, deep research, looking for innovative candidates that can lead your company in a new direction. As part of the industry we know who the great candidates are and where to find them.

We leverage our unmatched network of foodservice manufacturer and consumer packaged goods relationships to find the best proven ideal candidate, who will become a dynamic leader within your organization.

We work with large global companies, private equity and family owned businesses. Our executive search team focuses on bringing influential and customer oriented leaders to this service sector who will raise the bar for your organization. Our work includes, but is not limited to, QSR, fast-casual, hotels & caterers, contract feeders, as well as business, industry and hospitality segments.

We have an extensive background in recruiting executives who will position your organization as a key player in this competitive industry. Our firm has filed more than 1,000 roles in this industry, which is more than any of the global search firms.

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