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Sourcing and Acquisitions

Providing Senior Leadership to the New Acquisition

Those in the Food and Consumer Package Good sector who work at buying, selling and investing in various stages of companies will tell you that when it comes to the difficulty in their jobs: deal origination and deal sourcing is perhaps the most difficult aspect of their jobs. Once the acquisition is made then finding the right senior leadership is the next most difficult but critical component to success.

With the supply/demand economics of most deal opportunities, it makes it difficult to find the good deals that don’t already have at least three other interested players.

That is why it is important to work with a proven industry leader and industry insider who has been sourcing CEO’s and Board members in Food and CPG for over 20 years.
Our recruiting business provides us daily contact with a network of Senior Industry leaders, located in the fastest growth companies in food and CPG.

Let us help you:

  • Develop an acquisition strategy
  • Set the M&A search criteria
  • Search for potential acquisition targets
  • Begin acquisition planning
  • Identify and recruit key senior leadership who are specialist in your specific turnaround or expansion needs

If you are looking for an industry specialist to assist you with finding new deals or the right senior leadership to lead your new acquisitions let us set up a call at (773) 294-6431 to further discuss.

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