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Working strategically with private equity, venture capitalists, angel investors, pre-IPO’s, investment bankers, advisory firms and family owned businesses, CEO Search Partners is a proven expert at recruiting successful startup executives. We recruit proven candidates, who know your business, with experience building out new businesses.

We seek out industry specialized executives who are proven performers and genuinely passionate about your business.

Our Startup Executive Specialty Practice works with your organization to create both a vision and a narrative of your company’s potential. We focus on building your team and attracting top industry talent.

In communicating your brand to candidates, we attract subject matter experts, visionary thought leaders and operational pace setters who are willing to take a hands-on approach to move your company to the next level.

Top startup candidates must be multi-taskers who have the ability to maintain a strategic and high-level perspective at all times. Ultimately, cultural fit is paramount. We identify candidates with the right entrepreneurial character, interpersonal skills and proactive mindset needed for working in a challenging startup environment.

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