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2009 Presidents Conference

Our 5th Annual Private CEO Dinner Reception & Party, held on Monday November 9th, 2009 during the International Foodservice Manufacturing Associations (IFMA) 2009 Presidents’ Conference, in Phoenix Arizona.

The dinner was held at Chef Greg LePrad’s Quiessence.

Greg LaPrad, Executive Chef and owner of Quiessence, creates artisanal American cuisine made from domestic ingredients featuring Arizona’s finest farmers, herdsmen and culinary craftsmen.

Quiessence, voted the best restaurant in Phoenix in 2007, has received numerous glowing accolades in Zagat, Bloomberg, Food & Wine Magazine and other Phoenix, Arizona and National publications.

Nestled in the middle of the historic Farm at South Mountain property, the restaurant’s philosophy encompasses the forefront of industry trends featuring: local produce and unprocessed meats, fresh and sustainable ingredients, as well as natural and organic food. We rented the entire restaurant as well as the adjoining farm grounds, which featured an in and outdoor five-course stationed and wine paired dinner.

Some of the highlights of Quiessence include, an outdoor patio overlooking the farm, outdoor fireplaces, and an outdoor brick oven cooking station.

2009 Presidents Conference